[wp-hackers] Re: Idea: Drag-and-Drop WordPress Admin Design

dragonfly at dragonflyeye.net dragonfly at dragonflyeye.net
Thu Aug 28 12:43:50 GMT 2008

OK, maybe this is a silly idea and maybe it's already been discussed at
length, so apologies.

But does it not seem as though we're reaching a point with admin design
where it comes down to user preference rather than general functionality? 
We're now on our third iteration of the admin design, and all have their
merits.  I know there's been some complaint about changing the interface
again - especially from those of us who build for other people - and I
share them.

I guess my question is: doesn't it seem like time to make Admin setups
theme-based just like front ends?  All of these design ideas are great, but
why do we have to have changes forced on us when they're really just a
question of user preference?  It seems to me that when changes to the
interface affect not security or nuts-and-bolts functionality, they are
window dressing.  Window dressing should be separate from functionality, so
is it not possible to make it so?

It would free us from *having* to accept changes we don't want, plus give
us the option to affect changes we *do* want when we want them, which was
one of the things that initially attracted me to WP in the first place.

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