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Stephen Rider wp-hackers at striderweb.com
Mon Aug 25 21:34:13 GMT 2008

On Aug 25, 2008, at 3:57 PM, Jen Simmons wrote:

> Please don't go backwards by replacing the normal-people friendly  
> things that Happy Cog (and their usability research) did with geek- 
> centric concepts that scare most people.

This is the heart of the discussion.  Imagine sitting down with your  
mother (or grandmother) and showing them how to make a blog using  
WordPress.  Which set of links will they understand better?  Which  
will intimidate them less?

Again, I really do like the concept (by another commenter) that we  
make the admin interface skinnable.  Leave the default as it is, and  
make the CrazyHorse stuff a plugin.

> Please, please, please remember that people who build sites from the  
> command line and code in php have an entirely different experience  
> of computing than 95% of people who use the web. And we want those  
> massive of people using WordPress.


> I'd like to comment more on the proposed 2.7 design — but I can't.  
> Why? Because I'm not a SVN/ command line geek. I install sites via  
> drag and drop, so I haven't seen 2.7 (just read emails about it). Do  
> realize all your initial feedback is coming from developers... not  
> from designers.

You cqn download the nightly as a .zip ... somewhere.  The heck if I  
can find the link though.  (Why is this link so hard to find on the WP  
site?  It should be linked from here: <http://wordpress.org/download/nightly/ 
 > )

Here it is.  Scroll to the bottom for the download link:


Stephen Rider

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