[wp-hackers] Category table

Elliotte Harold elharo at metalab.unc.edu
Mon Aug 25 03:19:42 GMT 2008

John Blackbourn wrote:
> Avoiding the question slightly, you could get the desired outcome as follows:
> 1. Create your new category if you haven't already (or decide which
> existing category you're going to move these posts into).
> 2. Set this category as the default category via the Manage ->
> Categories screen.
> 3. On the same screen, delete the Uncategorised category.
> The act of deleting a category will move all the posts in it into the
> default category.

A good idea, but this appears to assume that the posts are in the 
"Uncategorized" category. That doesn't appear to be the case.

The URL does pick up the default category. However, the posts I need to 
fix do not appear to be in any category at all, either the default 
category or the "Uncategorized" category. That is,

1. When editing the post, no category is checked.

2. The posts I need to fix do not show up in the list of posts under the 
category title. That is, when paging through 
http://www.elharo.com/blog/category/uncategorized/ or 
http://www.elharo.com/blog/category/birding/ you never see these posts.

That's why I suspect some database level surgery is required.

Elliotte Rusty Harold  elharo at metalab.unc.edu
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