[wp-hackers] How to improve WordPress 2.7 Administration

Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Sun Aug 24 04:34:19 GMT 2008

I'll do this in steps. This should only take 30 minutes of your time and 
if enough people do it, will be worth everyone's time.

1. Download Nightly.http://wordpress.org/nightly-builds/wordpress-latest.zip

2. Download Firefox, if you don't already have it. http://getfirefox.com

3. Download Selenium IDE. 

4. Configure Selenium IDE to save as HTML.

5. Install WordPress Nightly on WAMP, if you don't have it, you can do a 
search for your favorite xAMP installation. I use 

6. Go to localhost and to the folder you installed WordPress in. Install 
WordPress in the database you created locally.

7. Click on Tools -> Selenium IDE. Click on the solid red circle button. 
Clear everything in the text box.

8. Sign in to the Administration Panel.

9. Click on the solid red circle button, it should be in the "down" 

10. Start clicking around the WordPress Panels recording your actions. 
There is a menu, if you right click that should be at the bottom. You 
can get advanced however much you want.

11. Save the recording as a html file and send it to my email address.

You do that for me and I will convert your recordings to PHPUnit 
Selenium Tests that is automated using PHPUnit and the Selenium RC 
server. Let me know what you expected to happen as well as what happened.

I'm going to be writing some acceptance test cases and will probably 
create a repository on Google Code, so that others can download, modify, 
or whatever. I'm going to be doing this in September, so you have 
between now and well, I'll accept them any time. I'll be doing my own, 
but well, I'll likely won't do it the same way as you will and diversity 
will help out a great deal with adding test cases which test edge cases.

WordPress 2.7 is coming out October/November, so the more tests cases or 
at least the more people who test WordPress 2.7 Administration Panels, 
the better the release will be.

I don't think it is too much to ask for, it is very simple and doesn't 
take very much time at all.

Jacob Santos

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