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Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Sat Aug 23 17:17:05 GMT 2008

I think it would be fun to document the new administration panels and as 
soon as the merges are finished, I think I'm going to at least start 
doing it. You can't really do it now, because you risk too many changes 
taking place during the time you take the snapshots and when the design 
changes. It is only after it is stable that it can be done.

Jacob Santos

Pixline ? Paolo Tresso wrote:
> Il giorno 23/ago/08, alle ore 15:20, Stephen Rider ha scritto:
>> Choose an interface, and then use it.  Quit batting your users around 
>> like a toy to a bored cat.  Geeks (that's us) love this kind of 
>> stuff; but Joe User HATES it -- DESPISES IT, actually.  I can think 
>> of a few non-techies who would throw up their hands in disgust at this.
> Or, at least, provide us an official manual for the end user to 
> translate and give them... :-)
> My main concern between 2.3 and 2.7-* is that I have spent most of my 
> time training people and updating documentation for my clients, 
> instead of coding my plugins or something else, and this is having a 
> dramatic impact on my hours/code ratio.... Am I the only one having 
> this issue?
> By the way: I *love* the work you're doing on 2.7, really. I just fear 
> another week of training for my clients :-)
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