[wp-hackers] WP 2.7 menu sidebar

alex at mysoutham.com alex at mysoutham.com
Sat Aug 23 15:53:50 GMT 2008

I can completely see the point of view of everyone else so far on this
topic, but what bugs me more than the semi-redesign, which I feel people
can adapt to, is the constant changing of vocabulary. We had options and
settings, design and templates and themes, the list goes on.

I think that the change in layout won't throw people quite so much if they
know how to find what they are looking for, and by changing the words used
it is making that task more difficult.

OK, so maybe it only takes a few clicks to find what you want, but why
should users have to experiment to find the right page? I know that when I
see an upgrade like this, I click on EVERYTHING, just to see what's new,
but some users just want to keep doing what they always did, write posts,
and edit them. So the manage that we had in 2.5 is now under content,
semantically no problems, but the change in vocab is unnecessary.

Which brings me on to another point, yeah, we want it to be easy for
people to just make a post, but why do we need two buttons on the
dashboard to do this, again with two different text values?


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