[wp-hackers] WP 2.7 menu sidebar

Andrew Ozz admin at laptoptips.ca
Fri Aug 22 23:40:22 GMT 2008

Jeremy Clarke wrote:
> Draggability - While I definitely respect that you guys are bringing
> back the draggable posting screen, I think that sacrificing the big
> surface for opening/closing metaboxes isn't really worth it. Right now
> you can only open and close them by clicking the tiny arrow on the
> left, whereas the whole space is reserved for dragging. It would be
> nice if instead most of the space was devoted to opening/closing
> (which people are liable to do each time they post) and the drag zone
> was much smaller, as it should theoretically only be used once per
> computer you post from. If there was a 'drag me' icon that showed when
> you mouse over the heading of the metabox then people would probably
> have a pretty easy time moving things around without being shown.
> Here's a screenshot of what i mean:
> http://simianuprising.com/images/crazyhorse-dragvsopen.png

Something like that was in Crazyhorse earlier. The text was the "handle" 
and the rest of the surface was for opening/closing. Not sure why it was 
reverted. Also it's a bit strange when dragging by the right end as the 
box shrinks and the cursor is "in the air".

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