[wp-hackers] Generic POST handler

Benedict Eastaugh ionfish at gmail.com
Sat Aug 9 17:35:43 GMT 2008

The new admin POST handler (see Codex and Trac ticket links below) is
obviously suitable for plugins that want to perform administrative
actions. When I first saw it, however, I was hoping that it was a more
generic POST handler, i.e. that I could use it for e.g. a contact
form, and just throw some data at it which would be handled by an
appropriate plugin, and thrown away if one wasn't provided.


Anyway, just posting this here on the off-chance there was some
unstated plan to add that kind of capability, and to test the waters
in case other people would be interested in something like that.
Obviously it's named admin-post, not wp-post, so its intended purpose
is clear, but having a single point of entry to handle unauthenticated
POST requests would be handy, at least for me.

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