[wp-hackers] Multi-language support feature

Pixline › Paolo Tresso supporto at pixline.net
Thu Aug 7 10:14:28 GMT 2008

> That's good news! I have also tried to modify it so that it works with
> sub-language scripts (like pt_BR, zh_CN or similar), but Jamie is not
> willing to make it work, thinking the language alone suffices, and
> that's why I abandoned the idea of adopting Gengo at that time.
> Perhaps time to take a fresh look again.

We are extremely in need of people like you, because I'm actually  
lacking some background in this field, and I have some troubles in  
understanding this kind of issue.

Feel free to join http://groups.google.com/group/gengo-hackers/ if  
you're willing to help us, thanks!


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