[wp-hackers] Multi-language support feature

Pixline › Paolo Tresso supporto at pixline.net
Wed Aug 6 15:19:57 GMT 2008

Il giorno 06/ago/08, alle ore 17:11, Tom Belmans ha scritto:

> We are currently refactoring the Gengo plugin since it is too  
> complicated and does not work out of the box in Wordpress 2.6.

I hope you're talking about template tweaks, because everything else  
is supposed to work, except bugs of course :-)

> Currently we are in a phase that we can test some functionality in  
> combination with other plugins and I must admit the tests are going  
> well. We can translate pages, posts, permalinks and stuff very easy,  
> and have an language switcher widget that works.

Goods for you, really! Can you please point me to some url in order to  
learn more?

> We have been mailing with the Gengo developer to ask him to  
> participate in his project but he was not very willing.  So we  
> decided to make a fork of his project and clean up things and  
> stuff.  I'll keep the list informed when we have something that can  
> be tested in beta.

I know, that's why I almost forked Gengo by myself last winter, but  
merged back with the main trunk in 2008, because I was lucky to gain  
attention from Jamie. But now I'm acting as maintainer, I'm trying to  
get it back working, because there are many websites is running it,  
and many of them are still stuck at 2.2 or worse.

Speaking by myself, I'm open to every kind of collaboration, because I  
think the point here is to have a working multilanguage plugin, and  
not to have plenty of half-working ones.

Maybe we can talk about this off-list, if you like.


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