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grisu46 grisu46 at yahoo.it
Wed Aug 6 13:19:34 GMT 2008

Pixline › Paolo Tresso ha scritto:
> Multilanguage wil (probably) never be part of WordPress core, the devs
> said many times, because "it can be done with plugins".
> I'm actually trying to bring on a noteworthy multilanguage plugin called
> Gengo, with the community we already made it working with WordPress
> 2.5+, and we're in the middle of the transition to a full
> community-driven project. I've somewhat fixed it for 2.5, and it works
> in 2.6. We're trying to make it WPMU compatibile, also.
> You can download it from http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/gengo/
> Also I would like to invite devs and hackers to join our effort and help
> us make this plugin a real community project. I started to fix it, but I
> did not supposed to be the only coder/mantainer for it, and now I'm too
> running out of time. I'm also going to open a mailing list soon and to
> revamp the website, just waiting for some free hours to do so..
> I feel it a great plugin, and I use it proudly in my work projects, but
> the plugin needs more community feedback, more debug, even patches and
> codes if you can :-)
> Paolo/Pixline
> Il giorno 05/ago/08, alle ore 11:31, grisu46 ha scritto:
>> Is it possible a new feature in Wordpress for multi language blog?
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Thank you all for your fantastic job.
I tried gengo and its not easy to manage. This plug-in has problem with
search function and some others (see
http://wordpress.org/support/topic/191811 )
So I'm using Qtranslate but does not translate permalink. :(
Someone had fixed this problem of Qtranslate?

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