[wp-hackers] The "SVN UP" troubles...

Mr. Awesome theone.andonly.mr.awesome at gmail.com
Wed Apr 30 01:31:00 GMT 2008

Jeremy Visser wrote:
> Definitely Inline Hosting's problem.

Nah, it was on my end. When my buddy and his host tech support guy, did 
a FULL back up / move of my files and databases and such.. it included 
the .svn folders/ files and everything from main root/ as well as the 
blogs which came from Dreamhost.com originally of course..

I went into Cpanel, used File Manager and removed everything but 
wp-content/   wp-config.php, .htaccess and whatever other important 
NON-wp files... then went into wp-content/ and removed those .svn 
folders that were in there individually and used Putty to connect to 
domain(s) and did a NEW svn co of trunk... it was all good.

> If you're game, you could try compiling SVN yourself.
> I know these instructions are for DreamHost, but they should be exactly
> the same for Inline Hosting:
> http://wiki.dreamhost.com/SVN#Upgrading_to_Newest_Subversion

Thanks for this Jeremy. But I don't need that anymore, however will 
bookmark it for later if needed. ;) About all my domain registrations 
are moved from Dreamhost.com to Namecheap.com now.. and about all of 
them are pointing to his host now. Once VB.COM passes that 60 day (new 
domain registration rule) on the 18th next month, that's being moved to 
Namecheap as well. And its bye bye Dreamhost.com for good! Whoo Hoo! 
Dreamhost.com should change their name to NightmareHost.com.. because 
that's what it was.. nothing but a nightmare being on their crappy 
servers and such.. wheee

> BTW, why do you use "plink" to connect? It's probably better to use
> putty -- you get a better UI, although I guess it's a matter of personal
> preference.

I forget where I got the "plink" thing from.. I think I followed an 
older guide before, about how to setup SSH or whatever on Windows...

There might have been another one too, but I can't find link for it... 
I'm currently only using PUTTY now.. so I'm good to go!! =D

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