[wp-hackers] a reply !

Alexander Beutl xel at netgra.de
Sun Apr 27 21:06:00 GMT 2008

kids... they just don't know what they're doing...

Nighty_Soft - read this one first, then you'll maybe get an idea what a
hacker is after (if you don't get it: It is knowledge and the power to
create things, nothing else, especially not destroying things) - and then
decide if you want to become one.


Now I think we should move this topic to /dev/null since it will not lead to
any end.

2008/4/27, Mahmoud H. Al-Qudsi <computerguru at neosmart.net>:
> > I will tell you something:
> >
> > A hacker is someone who does great, crazy or unexpected stuff with a
> > computer (hacking on the keyboard). Most of them are working as
> > developers, security experts or stuff like that - many are coding open
> > source stuff in theire free time.
> > What you're searching is a cracker.
> > Nobody on this list will guide you there - we all want our pages to
> > stay secure ;-)
> ...and yet he somehow followed the links from the mailing list to my blog,
> where he spammed requesting assistance so he could hack into a site while
> reassuring that he "wouldn't do anything illegal" with the knowledge:
> http://neosmart.net/blog/2008/wordpress-performancepress-and-gsoc-2008/#comment-148023
> >.<
> -MQ
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