[wp-hackers] Jeff Atwood on WP Overhead

Charles lists07 at wiltgen.net
Thu Apr 24 01:53:00 GMT 2008


Jeff's obviously a WP fan and not dumb, and John created Markdown and is
also not dumb.

The whole "bash influentials and dismiss their comments" is the FOSS cliché,
but that's boring.

What if the WP community were to listen and respond to a WP weakness by
announcing that it would add a proven, well-respected solution to future
releases?  What if it acted fast and announced that next week?

If it takes a year to make WP-as-shipped run as efficiently as it can run
with a plug-in, this might as well *be* an MS project.

-- Charles

* Even Matt said in 2005, "I've linked it before, and it’s worth doing
again: WP Cache makes WordPress perform as well as a completely static-file
site, able to handle hundreds of requests per second without breaking a

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