[wp-hackers] Jeff Atwood on WP Overhead

Otto otto at ottodestruct.com
Wed Apr 23 20:02:53 GMT 2008

His main concern seems to be that the page is fully regenerated and
lots of database calls are done every time the page is hit. Which is a
perfectly valid one, but somebody should really point him at the
object caching system in 2.5:


Basically, his concerns are valid, but he doesn't get that WordPress
is a base system with addons (in the form of plugins) for specific

Hey, he's Microsoft-centric. This makes him prone to thinking that
software packages should be complete and cover all possible cases in
that package. This is the same sort of thinking that gets you
Microsoft Office.

The Linux-centric crowd tends to go for the smaller packages that do a
single thing well and then plugging them together for your final
solution approach.

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