[wp-hackers] wp-denyhost

Hacker Scot shacker at birdhouse.org
Wed Apr 23 16:32:56 GMT 2008

> From: "Mr. Awesome" <theone.andonly.mr.awesome at gmail.com>
> Subject: Re: [wp-hackers] wp-denyhost

> I had my buddies custom ban / blockage script already. It has it's own
> admin interface and all.. bans on three levels of ip ranges, or
> whatever. not a domain name. i had 21,000 some banned ... it slowed my
> site load time a good bit.. I don't need that again though lmao... I

You probably don't need to be getting up there into the 20,000 range.  
In my experience, bad IPs move around a lot. For scripts  
like .htakismet or reducer, this means you don't need to keep bad IPs  
blocked forever - a month might be fine. If it turns out the IP is  
still spamming a month later, it'll get re-added. I'd suggest that  
the .htakismet blocklist be a rolling system that keeps no more than,  
say, 500 rules, rolling the old ones off the bottom (or top).

In the case of reducer, which feeds the firewall rather  
than .htaccess, this happens automatically if your firewall (like  
mine) is configured to keep a rolling (rather than permanent) list of  
bad IPs.


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