[wp-hackers] wp-denyhost

Mr. Awesome theone.andonly.mr.awesome at gmail.com
Wed Apr 23 09:52:49 GMT 2008

Of course with site load time lackage(s)... I deleted the ban script and 
all bans. So, proxies and such are accessible on my site. Which I HATE.. 
but .. I don't like the lack of load times either though.. so I removed 
bans.. This custom ban script isn't free nor will be sold right away. He 
plans to sell it, but not yet. The PHP code is secured and I can't even 
tweak it.. I have to have him tweak it for me ... I had it to where two 
domains / two wp databases were running off the SAME admin/ panel 
bannage sections and database bannages ...

So if I added 20,000 bans on VB.com .. spencerp.net would have same 
coverage as VB.com. OR, individually. But either way, the code was 
secure. I couldn't use the same script on my Xampp localhost... without 
him making a special one for it to run off http://localhost/ for the 

I could get his ban script again, since I moved my sites off 
dreamhost.com to his host inlinehosting.com servers... but I still see 
the same crap happening anyway, even though spam dropped incredibly...

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