[wp-hackers] is_front_page should have it's own template file

Aaron D. Campbell aaron at xavisys.com
Wed Apr 23 00:08:19 GMT 2008

Ok, I re-opened and amended the ticket.  The home.php file is meant to 
be for the front page, if the front page is posts (uses is_home).  Since 
that side of it is already handled, I changed the function to 
get_static_front_page_template and it only uses that if you are on the 
front page AND it's a static page (if is_front_page() is true, and 
is_home() was false).  The order in this case goes:
CustomTemplate -> front-page.php -> page.php -> index.php

Alexander Beutl wrote:
> Yep it really would be helpful - but only when you make two of them, one for
> actual index-front-pages and one for actual static-front-pages.
> Combining both in one file would not leed down the right road since the
> displayed content is much different... one uses the loop to show more then
> one content item and the other one will show only one content item.
> So why not checking this and then going to static_front.php and
> index_front.php? Would be much better than adding a front.php which would
> have to be divided into if(is_page()){ ... } and else {...} I think.
> I really didn't want to be offensive,
> Aaron, I just do belive there will many templates which feature only
> one of both but use front.php for it and where many stuff will go
> wrong
> whenever you change your frontpage to whatever of both is not supportet -
> while having both would provide the right fallbacks for the unsupported way
> since noone will create a file he has no content for (or I won't want to use
> his theme anyway)

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