[wp-hackers] TextMate for Windows? (was: Comment client for WordPress)

Alexander Beutl xel at netgra.de
Fri Apr 18 21:33:04 GMT 2008

>Notepad++ is also great.
you bet - I used it until I discovered e - which is even a bit greater I

Anyway I have it installed as a second editor and as a third one I use VIM
(beat me - its great too - opened up a 800+ MB file a while ago and was able
to work with it - do this with any other editor and the editor will die ;-)

Knowing there are many who would start religious wars about which editor is
best - I haven't found a single editor fitting all my needs. e is great
since it features TextMate Bundles and Themes, is fully costumisable and you
can code your own commands in any language you like (ruby, perl, phyton,
shell via cygwin, php runs best via windows since every php installation on
cygwin seems to have some problems)

Notepad++ is great for Search in Files, its stability is higher (will crash
less often) and it seems to be a bit faster, but I am not sure about that
point. It features extensions (while I have no Idea yet how to build them)
and is themeable too.

VIM is a very reliable editor with huge power - but its just a mess to have
to know all that commands ;-) (while you shouldn't forget you'll get damn
fast when you know them. We're writing clients/server cobol applications
with vim at work.) It is configurable but configuration is a real mess -
you'll have to learn VIMs own language for it.

Intype is also a Editor trying to simulate TextMate while this one doesn't
need cygwin. Its Alpha however and still not very reliable. I won't use
alpha stuff for production.

TextEdit for Windows yet is a tool I do not really know - I installed it to
give it a try but it simply didn't let me change the look within 5 minutes
of searching (I will never try something longer if it doesn't fit my basic
requirements)... I simply can not work with an editor with a white
background - no way. Maybe I just looked at the wrong place so I'd be happy
to head it is themeable and give it a second try then.

Iam allways in search for good and fast texteditors (just leave me alone
with any slow IDE shit, just plain text + commands + autocompleat + ... on
demand and preferable extendable without needing a specific language - thats
what I got with e at least and I will not change backwards...)

>I am surprised at how easy it works for my programming needs.
since this really depends upon your needs... well your lucky. I was allways
searching for just a bit more - you know this little tick that would make
something perfect ;-) I found this tick in e - now the only thing it needs
is e becomeing somewhat more stable... but I'll be open for any further
ideas anyway

2008/4/18, Mahmoud H. Al-Qudsi <computerguru at neosmart.net>:
> > The same I am using since about 10th aug 2007 ;-)
> > It's great (got updated today *smile* )
> >
> > > Still in beta:
> > Isn't any longer in beta since 7-aug-2007
> >
> > 2008/4/18, Benedict Eastaugh <ionfish at gmail.com>:
> > >
> > > A guy I work with is stuck on Windows for the time being and he
> > swears by
> > > E.
> I prefer TextEdit for Windows, but the FOSS Notepad++ is also great.
> -MQ
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