[wp-hackers] Comment client for WordPress

Vladimir Yushko yahoo2 at yarrowsoft.com
Fri Apr 18 14:48:22 GMT 2008

> It's completely up to you what platforms you support, however, if you want
> the application to be successful and accessible for as many WordPress
> as possible you must support all thre major operating systems.

You forgot mobile devices and others blog engines such as blogger.com and
livejournal.com. I can quickly extent my application for blogger.com and
livejournal.com and perhaps for others blog engines. But not other operating
systems. I created application for 2 months.

> > I can say what my comment client is new unique application.
> I don't think that'll cut the proverbial mustard around here I'm afraid.
> Screenshots and a feature list would be useful, which would encourage more

Thanks, I known. As soon as posible.

Best regards, vladimir Yushko

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