[wp-hackers] Re: Can someone verify this

Alexander Beutl xel at netgra.de
Fri Apr 18 00:22:26 GMT 2008

|> It shouldn't let you delete the category in the first place if it's the
default category...
sure - it shouldn't and it won't let you - as long as you use WordPress Core
As soon as you use something inside a plugin this isn't magically given
anymore and when you're moving your database or whatever and it mixes up
that damn IDs the same will happen anyway.

To Clarify: I didn't say it was a bug - I only said it will happen if
you really have no category (or at least not the default one) existing any
more as this is what I understood Sabin Iacob said to have done:
Converting ALL Categories and being left without them.

I experienced this when I moved (or cloned to be precise) a blog and
something went wrong with the Categorie IDs. I do not blame WordPress for
that. If it was someones fault it's likely to be mine or the one of
phpMyAdmin, MySQL or whatever but not WPs. I managed to correct it within
half an hour or so - wasn't a big deal. But that was when I experienced WP
will create a new category with the name of its default cat-id whenever
that category doesn't exist. Maybe this isn't the case in WP2.5 anymore - I
don't know. But it may be related to that problem mentioned before and so I
thought I should maybe mention it - since the default category_id (of
course) defaults to 1 which was exactly the name of the category which was
added on their blogs.

2008/4/18, Ryan McCue <ryanmccue at cubegames.net>:
> Alexander Beutl wrote:
> >  yep it does - but only if this *is* existing. If it isn't existing it
> >  take its ID and use it as a name for a new category - do not ask me why
as I
> >  do not know, but it simply does.
> >
>  It shouldn't let you delete the category in the first place if it's the
default category...
>  Thanks,
>  Ryan.
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