[wp-hackers] Can someone verify this

pixelcow pixelcow at gmail.com
Tue Apr 15 20:59:50 GMT 2008

On 4/15/08, gbellucci <gabellucci at gmail.com> wrote:
> WordPress 2.5
> Go to Manage / Pages
> Assign a page a parent and save the change
> Go to Manage / Categories
> You now have a new category named '1'

I gave it a try on my main site (not a very good idea, I know!) but
can't verify your result/your site's behaviour.

But I noticed some weird result:
o) I gave my (edited) "About"-page a new parent as described. Now a "new"
About-Page appears in my main-navigation: it's URI is "/about-2/" (I am
using perma-links). The content seems to be the same as of a fresh/plain
WordPress-installation (say: the standard text-block beginning with "This is
an example of a WordPress page, you could edit this to ...")
o) the "original" /about/ is under it's new parent - but it is not indented
(?) as expected, it breaks the layout (a bit).

So I put the page in it's correct context and layout seems normal. The
/about-2"-page isn't linked anywhere but I am able to find it when searching
for it's content.

This might be a theme problem on my side, just wanted to give a somewhat
detailed response.

Hope this is somewhat useful?

-- fht

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