[wp-hackers] GPL/WP-compatible icon sets?

zamoose at gmail.com zamoose at gmail.com
Tue Apr 15 15:30:08 GMT 2008

On 4/15/08, Alexander Beutl <xel at netgra.de> wrote:
> >
> > Pointers to excellent GPL/LGPL-compat icons?
> >
> For GPL Icons check if this ones meet your needs:
> http://www.lullabot.com/articles/free_gpl_icons_lullacons_pack_1
> http://paularmstrongdesigns.com/projects/ (on the right you'll find the
> Gallery 2 Icon Set)
> Here is one which is LGPL and therefor should be complient (yes the page is
> in german - the download link should be readable for everyone anyway ;-) )
> http://www.nddesign.de/news/2007/10/15/NDD_Icon_Set_1_0_-_Free_Icon_Set
> You could also check out the list you find under
> http://www.maxpower.ca/free-icons/2006/03/05/
> (which license applies to which iconset is listed there too)
> Maybe you will also want to check the OpenClipart Library (
> http://www.openclipart.org/ ) there are plenty of icons in it and they are
> all "in the public domain" so there will be no licensing issues at all. They
> are available as .svg so you can generate the best fitting size for each of
> them. But they are done by very different people and you will have some work
> a) finding the right ones and b) putting them together so they all look
> alike.

Many thanks for the links.  The Maxpower one, in particular, I had
come across previously but just plum forgot.

> it's going to be narsty trying to find all the CSS references to the images
> >
> not if you have them in a seperate directory and have a good editor at hand.
> If you didn't and have other images in the same directory maybe an editor
> with regexp search would be of great help... notepad++, vim,... as for the
> free ones - e (for example) if you want a non free editor (yep why should
> one want this? I use e anyway since it is pretty cool anyway ;-) )
> You sound like you have them in different files (searching/replacing in one
> file wouldn't be much work at all)

I've been moving most of the iconography over to a core style.css file
for a bit (I'm allowing for subthemes with their own assets and CSS to
be plunked into a styles/ sub-directory in the theme), so I'm likely
just overthinking the issue.  A good ol' fashioned grepping will in
all respects do the trick.  I was more thinking, though, of replacing
the icons with something new and then having to account for (likely)
different icon sizes and thus readjusting padding, margins, etc.

But thanks again for the links.



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