[wp-hackers] Comment client for WordPress

Jared Bangs jared at pacific22.com
Mon Apr 14 23:43:58 GMT 2008

On Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 12:34 PM, Vladimir Yushko <yahoo2 at yarrowsoft.com>

>  Server part is opened:
> http://commentclient.com/download/xmlrpc-comments.php
> Windows client is free but not open source. Believe me comment client is a
> very difficult project.
> That doesn't preclude it from being released as open source, but let's not
get off on that tangent...

I think the point is that's it's generally a bad idea for anyone to install
a random executable application posted to a mailing list by someone they
don't know or trust.

It's nothing personal, but it's unlikely that many people will install the
client and give you feedback on that part of your code, for that reason.

- Jared

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