[wp-hackers] a cool usage of dynamic_sidebars and widgets and tabs.

dubayou dubayou at gmail.com
Mon Apr 14 05:29:11 GMT 2008

idk for some reason ive deiced to release my ideas for googles summer
of code.   but i just having a felling i didnt get it.  although my
fingers are still crossed.
heres one of my ideas, its basically a widget that registers a new sidebar.
all widgets placed in this side bar are rendered as tabs were the
original widget was.

more info + please screens + best way to give me feedback

direct code

it only works for my template as on now. and this is where im asking for help.
what would be the best way to manage different templates.
im thinking of incorporating its own little template engine.  that
also places a,as light as i can, javascript in the header.
any thoughts?

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