[wp-hackers] The "SVN UP" troubles...

Mr. Awesome theone.andonly.mr.awesome at gmail.com
Sun Apr 13 10:41:21 GMT 2008

I was just wondering, is it me, or is something just not working 
correctly.. I normally do:
 Start > Run > CMD > plink domain.net > enter passphrase > ls > cd to my 
directory > ls > svn up

And it works fine.. But lately, I've been getting messages like this... 
(Through CMD and Putty methods)...

user at mydomain.net [~/public_html]# svn up
svn: This client is too old to work with working copy ''; please get a 
newer Subversion client
user at mydomain.net [~/public_html]#

The only thing I could think of, is, I recently changed my domain name 
servers to another host, because Dreamhost.com is crap. Perhaps it's 
"inlinehosting.com's" fault? Or, what?

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