[wp-hackers] New Feature: insert header & footer snippets

Alexander Beutl xel at netgra.de
Sat Apr 12 21:00:54 GMT 2008

This is not something themes sould offer.
There are thousands of themes everywhere - when they are not updated to
include this (but do *work* anyway) this special added code will be gone.
Especially when they use sidebars with different names. Worst of all: It
might even stop existing, I do not know, but it would make sense that widget
data in sidebars which aren't used by the theme is deleted.

It wouldn't be too hard to add two plain text-fields into the theme pane (or
the widget pane, if you'd like it this way), which are inserted when wp_head
or wp_foot runs.

*but* this needs to be independent from themes. You can not rely upon what
is implemented into a themen, when you want to *change* the theme. You could
tell themes to use a special option for that too - but what would that be
good for? One uses it another one doesn't. The user can not know which one
uses it and which one doesn't. Most Themes aren't updated to frequently so
it wouldn't work with the most existing themes while the original idea

I'd like to head about any stuff speaking against integrating 2 Textfields
(head-codes and foot-codes or whatever you'd call them) and putting the
content of the one into the head and the content of the other one into the
foot? Why would that be so foolish, that we should use widgets instead? (by
the way: I definitly hate the new widget control - its
workflow-performance and usability tend to zero)


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