[wp-hackers] Plugin interference

Ozh ozh at planetozh.com
Thu Apr 10 15:32:42 GMT 2008

>looking at the code for those plugins. In all cases, the problem is
>caused by plugin 'X' registering with the wp_admin_head() hook or by
>registering some other call that causes Word Press to inject plugin
>'X' java scripts and their java script dependencies for every single
>backend page - this includes admin pages that are created for and used
>by other plugins.

Welcome to the happy world of plugin coding \o/
(it WordPress and Javascript in one word :)

I have a cut&paste message ready for my readers asking support for this 
type of conflicts, which basically says:
- tell your plugin author to use wp_enqueue_script() so that javascript is 
only added once
- tell your plugin author to add their javascript only on their own plugin 
- tell your plugin author not to use a javascript library that is already 
bundled with WP, but to use that one instead (no prototype.lite.js, no 
custom prototype or jquery, etc)

(hope it was not one of my plugins conflicting -- If so, reply off list so 
I dont look like a noob to others :)


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