[wp-hackers] Plugin update checks... SVN path ???

Ozh ozh at planetozh.com
Wed Apr 9 20:55:10 GMT 2008


For the plugin check thingie to work, I thought the deal was: make
sure that the plugin name in the plugin's header and in its readme.txt
are the same.

Am I completely missing something obvious ?

To test things further, I've set up this piece of quick code that
pretends to send only one plugin with version 0.1 to the API server,
and see what it returns:
Usage is simple: test_update_plugin('Your Plugin Name')

- my plugin's header is :
Plugin Name: Admin Drop Down Menu
- my readme.txt starts with:
=== Admin Drop Down Menu ===

test_update_plugin('Admin Drop Down Menu'); // returns nothing, the
API server doesnt notice any update

But now, if instead of the plugin name, I check with its *SVN path*
(my plugin is in

test_update_plugin('ozh-admin-drop-down-menu'); // works
test_update_plugin('Ozh Admin Drop Down Menu'); // works

SVN directory name and plugin name should be allowed to be different,
just as plugin name and the filename itself ('My Super Plugin' vs
joe_myplugin.php) can be different.

So, my point is : this is totally *not* how I expected things to work :)

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