[wp-hackers] The plug-in/ wordpress feature I need...

Tobias Birney Ross tobias at ineye.com
Tue Apr 8 20:16:39 GMT 2008

This might be the absolutely wrong place to vent on this one. I'm just
finishing up a site that makes heavy use of the tdo-tag-fixes plug-in to do
category/tag intersections. The database I'm attempting to build just would
not have worked if I hadn't been able to A) pull up a list of posts with a
given tag or tag interection within a given category... and keep users in
the appropriate template.

I'm using the awesome Fresh Post plug-in to create custom post writing pages
for each category.... I haven't yet started working with 2.5 to see about
re-creating my forms...

I am not a heavy php/wordpress plug-in programer... the heaviest I have
gotten is the example plug-in that lets you substitute a custom style sheet
for the Admin portion of 2.3... which is probably going to need some
tweaking for 2.5, I guess :)

I have hacked the tag.php template to display the correct custom fields
based on the given ... I even split to two different templates a regular
one, and a special one if the tag only occurs in one category... It's an
ugly hack... :) I've even applied the same if/else category detection to the
search template to a pretty good results, I might add.


I have tracked down a discussion or two about grouping tags into
tag-categories, and it sounded like there is some rudimentary calls for
doing this built into the database design for tags. I think I have a pretty
good understanding of how it could work... or how it would have to work
given the way tags are used by wordpress and stored in the database.

Am I the only one who wants to call a cloud or list of tags that belong to a
given group or class of tags, like "Cities" and/or "States", "functions"
and/or "System Calls" , "Bugs" and/or "Feature Requests"

I know i can include or exclude individual tags... but managing a growing
list of dynamic tags and bundles of them? ugh. With a small data set maybe,
with 500+ tags in four categories... not so manageable.

I call my plug-in metametameta... but I don't know jack squat about writing
that kind of code :) I'm more than willing to open a Google Code set-up and
write out my understanding and write a draft of a description of it... heck
I will support and document it!

Any pointers? Should I just suck it up and ask for bids on wp-pro-request?

I know there is a "feature request" bin somewhere on wordpress.com :) that's
my next stop!

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