[wp-hackers] WordPress Logging API - forgotten ticket

Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Mon Apr 7 03:32:55 GMT 2008

It is interesting to look back at patches you've created that never went 
in and probably never will, but here goes. If anyone is interested, 
ticket #5669, includes the proposal for a Logging API, which would allow 
for recording errors and placing them into a file or database for 
looking at later. This is mostly for people who are testing WordPress or 
their themes and plugins, so not something most people would care about.

The default is to print to the page, but only if WP_DEBUG is set to 
true. The patch probably needs to be cleaned up. I probably spent some 
time working on it to where when it displays, it doesn't suck, but I'm 
unsure whether or not I finished that.

It would be nice to hear whether this is something of interest and if 
so, whether anyone can test the patch to see what they like, what they 
don't like.

It might go into 2.6, since I'll have time to clean it up, but really it 
is up to the core developers and at this point the only interested party 
is me and I don't have commit access, so what I think doesn't really matter.

Actually, I'm not sure I like the current implementation, but I'm not 
sure what is exactly wrong about it. Really, it doesn't seem clean 
enough. Oh yeah, it also breaks the deactivation of plugins, which needs 
to be fixed. Interestly enough, it would be totally possible to find the 
plugin which caused the fatal error and then prevent it from bringing 
down the site again. Which would be a great feature, but currently not 

[1] http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/5669


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