[wp-hackers] Re: GSoC proposal: Developing a WYSISWYG theme creator/editor

Xel xel at netgra.de
Sun Apr 6 18:57:15 GMT 2008

There will be a very long way for this to get into core. We saw what
happened with the new (great) media manager:
I think it wasn't just because of this, but WordPress Release was delayed
much, because so many huge changes were made.
Media Manager has prooven to be buggy under some conditions. But this
conditions seem to be given on so many sites that there are many complains
about it. I think it would have been better to put in the needed Hooks and
add the functionality via Plugin until it has prooven to be stable. There is
no use in complaining about this - but a mistake doesn't need to be made
more than once, so now this should be added as plugin - and if needed some
new hooks can be added to wordpress core to support this. This way you won't
harm the core and don't delay any releases. After the plugin has been
integraded into many blogs and does work stable it can be added to core


2008/4/6, Kunal Bhalla <bhalla.kunal at gmail.com>:
> Thanks Alex.
>   I've been wondering about whether to create it as part of the core or
>   as a plugin. I can basically think of 4 options:
>   1) Full in core,
>   2) Full plugin,
>   3) The WYSIWYG editor as core and improved code editing as a plugin or
>   4) Invert 3.
>   What do you all think? Waiting for suggestions and comments too.
>   --
>   Kunal Bhalla
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