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Daniel Woolstencroft wphackers at dtw.me.uk
Sun Apr 6 16:50:10 GMT 2008

Related to this, I've been trying to get something working in 2.5 that might
be broken (or I might be doing it wrong, in which case I'll take my lumps
and stand corrected).

If you set the Post page to, say, a page called "journal", then I can view
all my posts on this page, and paging works.

If I then set my permalink structure to include journal - which is something
I suspect most people would want to do if that was their post page - it
breaks paging on the journal page.

If the permalink structure and selected Post page are different (ie "blog"
as the permalink structure, and "journal" as the selected post page, all is

I vaguely recall this being mentioned before, but I scanned the open tickets
and searched back through gmail and couldn't find anything.

Any ideas? Or care to link me to an open ticket (or a closed one, even).


On Sun, Apr 6, 2008 at 3:51 PM, Lew Ayotte <wordpress at redfootwebdesign.com>

> In the Settings -> Reading part of WordPress the first option is:
> Front Page Displays:
>    () Your latest posts
>    () A static page
> <http://www.the-pursuit.net/wp-admin/edit-pages.php>(select below)
>        * Front Page: [drop down option of pages]
>        * Post page: [drop down option of pages]
> My question is: Is there a way to mimic this functionality? I am creating
> a
> plugin and want people to have the option to choose which page this plugin
> displays on - without requiring the user to put some <!--TAG_TAG--> into
> the
> code of a static page.
> Thanks,
> Lew
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