[wp-hackers] new botnet/comment spam thingy?

Mr. Awesome theone.andonly.mr.awesome at gmail.com
Wed Apr 2 22:07:27 GMT 2008

Viper007Bond wrote:
> Seeing as how Akismet handles many tens of million spams a day (21 million
> so far today), I doubt one could swamp the Akismet servers that easily and
> especially with such a small amount of hits.

Just curious, but, while having Spam Karma2+Akismet and Bad Behavior 
running at the same time, could there be this many spammers listed in 
the CJD Spam Nuke Manager... and these being from just the last couple 
of days... Is there a main database to add these to, if possible? This 
is NOT counting the other ones that I've managed to collect and find 
from the net either though...


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