[wp-hackers] Re: Rename plugin directory name

Aaron Harun admin at anthologyoi.com
Wed Apr 2 12:37:54 GMT 2008

>I've used a similar function in my plugin for some time and it worked
on almost all installations but some seemed to have
>difficulties with this code so it was not fully satisfactory and I
switched back to a hard coded folder name

I was having problems with getting the base name so I went for the
fool-proof way:

	`function get_base(){
   		 return end(explode('/',

I haven't had a problem since.

>I'm afraid that's true. Still I would appreciate the possibility to
change the name by myself. I think there are quite a few
>authors who want to change the name of their plugins over the time.

I agree, I'm stuck with ajaxd-wordpress instead of ajaxed-wordpress,
and now I can't even change it because of links to the former.


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