[wp-hackers] Let's make Buttonsnap fully obsolete

Viper007Bond viper at viper007bond.com
Wed Apr 2 05:14:57 GMT 2008

For those who don't know, Buttonsnap is a PHP class that allows for super
easy adding of buttons to the non-RTE editor and used to allow for adding
buttons to TinyMCE as well.


Buttonsnap was made partially obsolete with WordPress 2.1 which forced us
plugin authors to write full fledged TinyMCE plugins to add buttons. (No
complaints from me really, just stating the facts).

I propose we make it fully obsolete by introducing an API into the core for
adding (and even modifying?) the buttons in the non-RTE. I know TinyMCE is
the "preferred" editor of choice these days, but I absolutely hate the thing
and I don't think everyone else uses it. Not to mention there's still the
"HTML" aka Code tab that even TinyMCE users have access to.

One solution would be to do quicktags.js -> quicktags.js.php and make it
dynamically generated (i.e. hooks and filters), but then we may run into
caching issues (although no-cache headers would fix that). Another solution
would be one similar to how Buttonsnap works and just manually add buttons
to the container.

Any thoughts on this? Anyone else actually think it's a good idea?

I for one would love to have to stop bundling Buttonsnap with my plugins.
It's a great class, but it's time for it to retire and take it easy in the
code retirement home.

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