[wp-hackers] Actions dependent on locale cannot be loaded in a plugin

Henrik Melin henrikmelin at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 2 00:23:30 GMT 2008


I've run into a problem when updating one of my plugins (More Fields). The action: 

add_action('load-' . sanitize_title(__('Settings')) . '_more-fields', 'mf_queue_js');

changes depending on the locale, i.e. the translation of 'settings', but when the plugin is loaded and the action is added, __('Settings') does get translated, but remains 'Settings' and so I'm calling an action which does not exist. 

I understand from http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/4563 that this was possible back in 2.2. Has the point at which the locale is loaded changed?

How can I access locale-dependent actions in my plugin?

Any thoughts appreciated,

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