[wp-hackers] WP.org the new look

Mr. Awesome theone.andonly.mr.awesome at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 20:56:44 GMT 2008

Not to anyone specific of course, but... I've been using this lower 
resolution since I first started getting online and having a computer in 
general. I've been used to this 800x600 resolution for YEARS... and 
anything above  that just gets blurry to me.

When I do up WordPress themes, I like to code for this resolution, 
mainly because it's the resolution I choose to use and like, compared to 
other ones... The email wasn't to start a resolution setting war, it was 
just to let them know that it looks borked in my 800x600 resolution... 
and I was thinking that something should be fixed "code wise" so it 
looks nice and pretty in ALL resolutions, not just higher ones...

I know most people like to code their stuff for viewing in Drive-In 
movie screens, but believe it or not I have never been to a drive-in 
movie, and I really don't want to have to have stuff "Forced" on me to 
view it at something of that resolution(s)... Email was just merely to 
say and show how it looked... and someone found the issue, reported back 
with a possible solution... It's up to whoever to make necessary changes 
in order for it to be "right" or "fixed"... apparently it's not top 
priority, so it's cool.

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