[wp-hackers] Who on the commit team or contributors actually run the Automattic WordPress Tests?

Peter Westwood peter.westwood at ftwr.co.uk
Tue Apr 1 20:51:11 GMT 2008

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Nikolay Bachiyski wrote:
| 2008/4/1, Jacob Santos <wordpress at santosj.name>:
|> I don't want to step out of line with a statement I was going to make on
|>  my blog, but seriously how many core developers which commit patches
|>  actually test it with the Automattic WordPress Tests [1]?
|>  How many contributors have the Subversion checkout of the Automattic
|>  WordPress Tests and run it with patches?
| I do.

I don't ........ yet.

It is on my todo list to get this setup so that I can run the test suite
against patches.

It is also my intent to push for test cases before committing when
people want to change the behaviour of complex code - autop for example.

I already have a number of useful scripts I use to increase my
productivity when reviewing patches (which I must share sometime) and
adding one which allows me to run all the (relevant) test cases against
a patch is where I would like to be :-)

Some questions for those of you more up-to-speed with the test cases.

What are the prerequists to getting the tests up and running over and
above what WordPress itself requires?

How long do the tests take to run?

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