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Xel xel at netgra.de
Tue Apr 1 19:39:42 GMT 2008

Alan, you shouldn't forget that Mac Users are "different" from windows users
- especially when it comes to "Full Screen Windows".
Nearly 100% of win users use fullscreen mode. I think this is because the
top menu of mac os is allways on top of screen, while it is on top of the
window for windows users, but that doesn't matter. They just do not use

Of course there are some who use window mode. Of course others do it
sometimes. But just like mac users those people aren't the majority.
Yes, we all should take them seriously and keep them in mind when designing
for web. But to your question: Not too many - I am pretty sure about that.

I am tech-savvy for sure, but I use windows full screen mode most of the
time. No matter what I do - coding, browsing, grafics, whatever (yes, where
it makes sense I switch that). Most time I concentrate on one app and this
one fits the whole screen - it is even hard to have a skype chat open at the
right of the main window. As I said before this may be because I will not
find the menu and the buttons were they'd be otherwise, maybe its just that
I am used to have full screen windows. But for sure most windows users are
used to do it this way. Just let some statistic tools keep track on window
sizes, they all report the same - most window-sizes are those which equal
resolution-minus-taskbar, I recorded this about a year ago and this is not
likely to change within one year.

Again: I am not talking about power-users nor mac users but normal users,
which normally "work" on MS Win and if you are really lucky are browsing
with firefox instead of IE.

just my 2 cents

2008/4/1, Alan J Castonguay <alan at verselogic.net>:
> However, I wonder how many people, with the 1280 x 1024 or larger
> screens, like to have multiple non-overlapping windows open at the
> same time. In general, I browse with Safari as small as possible.
> This OneStat is a good example of a website that is too wide.
> On 1-Apr-08, at 2:04 PM, Amy Stephen wrote:
> > http://www.onestat.com/html/
> > aboutus_pressbox51_screen_resolutions_internet.html
> >
> > 8% of the world. Wonder how many of those people build their own
> > websites?
> > I'll be not many.
> >
> > On Tue, Apr 1, 2008 at 11:46 AM, Jessica Yazbek <j.yzbek at gmail.com>
> > wrote:
> >
> >> Mr. Awesome wrote:
> >>>
> >>> I wonder if they really care that the WP.org top navigation section
> >>> looks like crap on 800x600 resolution? Probably not.... ah well.
> >>
> >> In my experience, most newer sites aren't being designed to fit in
> >> 800
> >> width, but there should be a scrollbar when it doesn't fit, not a
> >> complete mangling.. right?
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