[wp-hackers] [GSOC 08] Asking for help with proposal ideas....

William Harris williscool at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 06:54:19 GMT 2008

Hi I'm a student at the Georgia Institute of Technology who is very
interested in working for the wordpress community through Google Summer of
Code this summer. I wanted to ask you all what you think about my first
proposed project (I plan to propose 2) and also which of the other projects
im considering proposing you think would be most valuable.

my google summer of code application blog:


feel free to make comments and give me feed back on it. That would be
greatly appreciated :)

Proposal 1 (which I've already submitted but would like feedback to help
It would be interesting to build a system to encourage people who submit
bugs and participate in discussion about Wordpress code related issues by
providing them with a rewards system. This could lead to helping developers
identify who is most interested in working with them on their projects, who
is most actively contributing, what their strengths are, and more. Since the
Wordpress community already uses the trac (http://trac.wordpress.org/)
project management system to manage its codebase the most effective way to
give this functionality to the community could be an extension to the trac

This project proposes to develop this system using best methods based on

full post about it:

other things I'm considering making proposals on:

XHTML validation framework, which helps ensure that all output of WP
(including templates) produces valid HTML
Extending the search system to support more advanced search syntax,
relevance, and external APIs like Google or Yahoo's.

also on the Wordpress GSOC google group

Lloyd Budd made what I thought was a great idea of proposing number of
smaller projects to work on seeing as there are alot of little things that
would be good to get done around Wordpress but that are too small to scope
for an entire summer.

does anyone have any suggestions about that?

Thank you,
William Harris

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