[wp-hackers] [meta-topic] Improving the S:N ratio of the list

Jacob wordpress at santosj.name
Thu Sep 27 06:20:54 GMT 2007

I have a similar conundrum, in that I'm trying to figure if I want to 
use WordPress for more than a blog platform. At this moment, I've 
developed using the Zend Framework and think that perhaps, what it 
solves is not for everything. My work uses WordPress a great deal, so 
anything that would make my life easier, developing with WordPress would 
make me happier.

I advocate PHP5 and OOP, but only because it makes my life easier. 
Having to deal with legacy code when building new web applications 
shouldn't even be considered. However, stepping back from a developers 
role, it makes sense to support PHP4 at the moment, because not everyone 
can afford a host that obviously doesn't suck (no fsockopen. What?).

My role in bringing it up was only to point out that the future should 
be part of the focus. Looking only to the past does very little good in 
development. I wouldn't say the argument that I bought up was about 
switching to PHP5. If someone like me (and I am someone like me) wants 
to do it, then okay, that is their battle. However, it would require a 
lot of work.

I agree that the name and lack of description as to what this list is 
for on the WordPress mailing lists list doesn't help the matter. 
Generally, I would say it would go a long way to copy and paste what 
someone said previously this list was for and place it where everyone 
subscribing can see. That way, someone like me doesn't generalize this 
list as something it is not.

Anyway, I think that perhaps I'm growing bored of this list and 
WordPress. I doubt I'll be part of the community much longer, so you can 
count this "contributor" and pundit out in the near future.

Jacob Santos

Erika wrote:
> I am a web consultant who has recently become a WP evangelist of 
> sorts, using WP for clients who need a small-scale CMS.  So I am 
> really interested in the direction of WordPress, without being
> personally involved in the coding.
> My real desire is for a mailing list (not a forum) where I can make note
> of what I don't like, praise features I do like, look for someone to
> help w/ plugin issues, offer help to other users, but maybe more
> conceptual and community-oriented than the wordpress.org forums.
> At first, due to the name "wp-hackers," I thought that's what this list
> was.  But even though it isn't, I've stayed, because I am very
> interested in the direction that WP is taking.  (Very exciting to me 
> to hear about HappyCog involvement...)
> Regardless, I do agree that the list is so large, it really needs some 
> guidelines and gentle moderation, and maybe indeed a list for core 
> developers that is more narrowly and strictly focused.
> IMO this is a natural growing pain for WP community...
> In any case...  +1 on list-mom.
> Erika
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