[wp-hackers] [meta-topic] Improving the S:N ratio of the list

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Wed Sep 26 23:49:20 GMT 2007

I am a web consultant who has recently become a WP evangelist of sorts, 
using WP for clients who need a small-scale CMS.  So I am really 
interested in the direction of WordPress, without being
personally involved in the coding.

My real desire is for a mailing list (not a forum) where I can make note
of what I don't like, praise features I do like, look for someone to
help w/ plugin issues, offer help to other users, but maybe more
conceptual and community-oriented than the wordpress.org forums.

At first, due to the name "wp-hackers," I thought that's what this list
was.  But even though it isn't, I've stayed, because I am very
interested in the direction that WP is taking.  (Very exciting to me to 
hear about HappyCog involvement...)

Regardless, I do agree that the list is so large, it really needs some 
guidelines and gentle moderation, and maybe indeed a list for core 
developers that is more narrowly and strictly focused.

IMO this is a natural growing pain for WP community...

In any case...  +1 on list-mom.


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