[wp-hackers] Re: User-Agent string patch

Christian Höltje docwhat+list.wp.hackers at gerf.org
Wed Sep 26 18:55:56 GMT 2007

* Stephen Rider (wp-hackers at striderweb.com) [070926 13:37]:
> Joe Average isn't going to have any clue what that means.
> That's why I suggested hooks -- exactly the kind of thing that should  
> be a plugin.  If I want to send it with modified User-Agent, I can  
> install the (most likely soon-to-be-programmed) "Custom User-Agent"  
> plugin, and then turn "Check Updates" back on in WP Options.

I created the start of a patch at:

Can you help me out with the hooks?  I pushed all the User-Agent
strings into a single function, wp_user_agent().

Now I need hooks so that a plugin can modify the User-Agent (empty
user agents are problematic).

Pointers, examples or suggestions are desired.


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