[wp-hackers] Future of wp-hackers

Denis de Bernardy denis at mesoconcepts.com
Wed Sep 26 15:40:06 GMT 2007

Before deciding to fork the list into oblivion, keep in mind that in
democracies, politicians have a knack to debate special interest topics as
they get randomly lobbied for, and avant-guarde topics over and over until
they're no longer avant-guarde.

Each in their own way, the privacy issue raised recently, and the php5
debate that comes up every now and then, are characteristic.

That these and off-topic discussions occur on wp-hackers is really nothing
odd. It merely means the democratic environment you've set up is in good
overall health.

What this list could use is a bit more leadership. Devs and bug gardeners
could send invites to noteworthy tickets as they give them some love. The
relevant discussions would then occur on the tickets themselves -- where the
food for thought probably belongs anyway.

Many wp-hackers readers, I would guess, are less interested in proactively
debating how WP should evolve, than in knowing what upcoming releases will
change or break. The usefulness of this list would increase if it offered a
concise overview of what's cooking.


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