[wp-hackers] Future of wp-hackers

Justin Moore wantmoore at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 15:35:27 GMT 2007

I too think that segmenting is probably a bad idea. For an example,
just imagine if there was a wp-plugins list the kind of garbage that
will surface such as:

* Is there a plugin available to do $foo?
* Will someone write me a plugin to do $bar? I will send you $5USD via
Paypal - promise!
* $foobar plugin isn't working - please fix it!

I really think Austin was on the money with his suggestion to
"reinforce a culture" on the list. Have some guidelines for posting
that encourage healthy, fruitful discussion and discourage going
off-topic. With those guidelines in place, maybe folks wouldn't be so
timid to point a finger at someone when they do become disruptive or
stray OT. The discussion yesterday regarding Google/privacy is prime
example of a diatribe that went on way too long before someone called
them out on it.

Personally, I'm just thankful for the 'mute' option in Gmail. That
really helps keep the signal/noise ratio in check in my inbox.

Justin Moore
aka wantmoore

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