[wp-hackers] Future of wp-hackers

Travis Snoozy ai2097 at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Sep 26 05:18:14 GMT 2007

On Wed, 26 Sep 2007 00:57:07 -0400, spencerp <spencerp1 at gmail.com>

> DD32 wrote:
> Exactly. Couldn't have said it better myself... =D Well, there are
> some times though that the "issues/problems" with (alphas, betas, and
> rc) versions are discussed on Hackers list too. However, it's not
> really THE LIST for doing that though...
> Testers list = reporting issues/problems with (alphas, betas, and rc) 
> versions. Discussing possible fixes for those issues/problems,
> including adding possible tickets on trac... Discussing possible
> theme and plugin issues on said (alpha, beta, rc) versions as well.
> So "we all" have an idea of what's going on, and how when things go
> wrong.

Half the battle is finding issues. Coming up with new tests is
tangential to core and feature work, but is directly applicable to
shaking bugs out of nightlies, etc.

Besides, I have to know that automated tests exist to file failure bugs
against them. ;)

> Hackers list = discussions geared for improving the core, discussing 
> wordpress's future, discussing wordpress plugins, wordpress code (in 
> general, or whatever) ... and discussing wordpress itself, because
> it's awesome like THAT.

I'd say that the S/N ratio is so high because there are too many things
crammed into this list. IMHO, specific lists for specific topics would
help with improving focus. wp-users for user feedback and feature
suggestions; wp-support for OMG help; wp-devs for implementation
discussion; wp-plugin-devs for plugin help and ideas; and wp-testers
for all things test-related. But that's just my $.02 on the topic.

In any case, I guess it looks like I set my expectations wrong. I'll
keep an eye on this list, even though it's a little higher-traffic than
I generally keep in my inbox.



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