[wp-hackers] Re: Plugin update & security / privacy

Omry Yadan omry at yadan.net
Mon Sep 24 07:19:47 GMT 2007

instead of repeating myself, please read my comments in the thread 
"Automatic feedback from users"

Viper007Bond wrote:

> Let me refine what I said:
> I think version check shouldn't be able to be turned off without a plugin.
> It's just too important that a user keeps up to date. But for those fringe
> cases, plugins handle it nicely.
> As for the statistics, I think it should be opt-out not opt-in. I think the
> _vast_ majority of users, including me, realize there's no harm in sending
> along WP details and/or more likely, just don't care (all the noob users out
> there). For those who do care for some reason, valid or not, a simple check
> box would do the trick and avoid any negative... press (right word?) on the
> matter.
> We definitely don't want to make this seem secretive IMHO.

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