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Captain's log. We received a signal from Matt Mullenweg on StarDate
24/09/07 00:29. Translated to English it stated:
> Just like there is premature optimization we could argue about for
> days, I think there is also premature paranoia. What's in trunk is
> what is shipping with WordPress tomorrow. I don't think your
> concerns are valid in the real world, and even if you assume a
> malicious wordpress.org the security and privacy of WordPress users
>  will be no different tomorrow than it is today. It's optimized for
> a reasonable person, but with hooks and filters for those with
> niche concerns.
Pardon me for asking something which might already have an answer on
the Web (I read this before), but do you know the figure that
corresponds to #/% of WordPress blogs that run the very latest (as of
today), i.e. least insecure version of WordPress?

It's an honest question, by the way; no provocation intended at all,
but one has to be realistic. Patching it about liability more than
practicality, IMHO.

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