[wp-hackers] Plugin update & security / privacy

Charles lists07 at wiltgen.net
Sun Sep 23 21:34:17 GMT 2007

>> I know this will not change until Monday, but is it really
>> necessary to transmit the URL?
> Your blog URL and version has been sent by default for 4+ years
> to every ping service in the world, including Ping-O-Matic,
> every time you make a post.

So, this is a bit confusing...

- Ping-O-Matic is receiving my "version"?  Huh?

- Automattic's not getting this data in pre-2.3 versions, correct?  If that's the case, then the (obvious) problem with that is that somebody decided to flip this switch without making it opt-in.

This WordPress feature *requires* Automattic?

-- Charles

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